How can I fuse points on surface of an object with 3D image of the reconstructed surface of the same object?

Answer See the guide here:…

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What is the difference between a class method and object in object-oriented C?

Class methods are the member functions that act upon member variables. An object is an instance of a class. C does not support object-oriented programming, but C++ does.

Where are the surface mount fuse on canon video cameras?

install the camera, if you have XP or better, it does all the work once you plug it in, installing the canon software is probably a good idea to.

What changes occur to the image if the object is moved away from the pinhole camera?

Essentially, it'll just get a bit smaller.As a pinhole camera has "infinite" depth-of-field, the image won't really get sharper or anything.The only other real effect would be if there's a change i... Read More »

What separates the art object from the craft object?

The difference between crafted objects and art objects is that crafted objects have a useful purpose, at least at their roots. Art objects, meanwhile, express or invoke feelings. Weaving, pottery a... Read More »