How can I fix my browser to show english letters and japanese/ korean characters?

Answer well the problem is not with firefox, it's with windows - u need to install Asian language pack and specifically japanese / korean keyboard layouts. so all u need is ur windows cd and then go into ... Read More »

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How Do I Convert Japanese Characters to Roman Letters?

Modern Japanese has three main types of characters -- kanji (a character set developed from Chinese and sharing many of its characters), hiragana (a syllabic set of characters developed from kanji)... Read More »

Japanese characters show up as squares How do I fix this?

Click Start > Run, type "intl.cpl", and hit Enter. Click on the Languages tab and check "Install files for East Asian languages". Hit OK and reboot.

Does anyone knows where can i download English subs for a Korean tv show called 'Invincible Youth'?

Is Hyundai Korean or Japanese?

Hyundai is a Korean automaker. Although the company is headquartered in Korea, it does build many vehicles in the United States, including the Sonata and the Sante Fe. Hyundai's U.S. factory is loc... Read More »