How can I find out what kind (the name/type) of cable comes with these headphones?

Answer the 3.5 mm connector is the small one used to connect to most audio devices (iPod, Computer, etc.) The large one is 6.35mm which can connect to XLR or anything else.Both are technically called TRS... Read More »

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How do you hook up headphones to cable box?

If you are saying :Is it possibe?Then,yesIf you are asking:Will you get a ticket?I don't think so.(THINK)

Can you connect headphones to a cable or satellite box?

Yes, but you'll also need some type of an amplifier. The outputs on the cable box don't have enough output to drive a set of headphones very loudly, if at all depending on the type of headphones y... Read More »

What is a suitable extension cable for headphones?

The most basic reason that headphones are magnetic is that electro-magnetic force is required to move the tiny diaphragms in the headphones. Electircal currents inside wires in the earpieces provid... Read More »

Is there a better quality cable for bose qc15 headphones?

I don't have any bose headphones, but i have heard they have poor cables, if you want a new cable just look up headphone cable on amazon. I recommend the mediabridge cable, but there are many diffe... Read More »