How can I find out if anyone is stealing my wireless bandwith Recently my internet is running super slow---?

Answer Easiest way to drop off any hitch hikers, change the router turn off your routes wireless function and go wires or change the router password. To change the password of the router, go to www.route... Read More »

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How can I found out if someone is stealing my wireless bandwith?

Look at the log file on your router, it'll list the ip addresses of the machines that have used it. To find out your own ip address type ipconfig in a command prompt, do the same for any other mach... Read More »

How to find someone stealing your wireless internet?

get linux, install to USB, run it and install wireshark and kismet. you can sniff them out, and if you really wanted to be mean, you can set rules in the router that port forward all the persons st... Read More »

How can i find out if someone around my area is stealing my wireless internet signal?

For starters, make sure you password protect your wireless connection with a strong password. Do not use any common passwords (pets name, kids names etc). For the most part, this should prevent any... Read More »

How can I tell if someone in stealing my wireless internet?

To tell if anyone is using your wirless from DSL: ( DSL Only) Your router's IP address is (Only works with IE) then you should see the name of your router and how fast it is connecting.... Read More »