How can I find out how much my house is worth?

Answer You can figure out the value of your house through several methods, depending on how much time and money you would like to put into the process. You could spend several hours doing your own researc... Read More »

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What Should I Do if I Owe $20,000 More Than My House Is Worth?

U.S. citizens living abroad are often taxed by the foreign country in which they live, as well as the U.S. This double taxation can result in a hardship for the taxpayer. The IRS implemented the F... Read More »

How do I know what my house is worth?

Determining the worth of your house is vital to selling it. If you have lost money on the housing market or are wondering if an upgrade will bring you more money in the sale, knowing the true worth... Read More »

What is it called when you owe more on a house than it is actually worth?

"Underwater" is the term currently used for the situation where you owe more than your house is worth. In the past, it was also called "being upside down" on the mortgage.References:Kiplinger Magaz... Read More »

Are whole house fans worth it?

On One Hand: They Can Save EnergyYou can use a whole-house fan instead of air conditioners to cool your home. Many areas of the United States stay cool enough in the summer for a whole-house fan to... Read More »