How Do I Find Out If a Painting Is Worth Money?

Answer The old painting in your attic you thought of throwing out could be worth a fortune. New Yorker Elizabeth Gibson once owned a Rufino Tamayo painting, originally destined for the garbage, that turn... Read More »

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How much is my kinkade painting worth?

On One Hand: Original WorksAccording to prices found on, Thomas Kinkdade original paintings have an average starting price of $199.00 and increase based on factors of size, ra... Read More »

How much is my Eric Sloane painting worth?

On One Hand: An Eric Sloane Painting Can Be ValuableEric Sloane was an American realist artist born in New York City in 1905. Although he came from an affluent family he decided to run away in his ... Read More »

How to Find Out How Much a Car Is Worth?

Those who invest in a new or used car need to know something about its value. The problem is that a vehicle, like other major investments, is worth what a buyer will pay for it. However, buyers and... Read More »

How do I find out how much coins are worth?

Coin collecting is a profitable hobby. You may come across coins that could potentially earn you thousands of dollars and not realize it. Many rare coins are still in circulation, being used at fac... Read More »