How can I find my host for my website?

Answer To find out who hosts your domain, you could use a site like: or you are looking for a cheap host, I would also recommend HostMantis.

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I need to get a website but someone said I have to find a "host" what is that and is it free?

A "host" is a company that will... well, "host" your website for you, so that people can see it.There's a number of hosts out there that do this, either for free or for pay.Do you want your own dom... Read More »

How do I find out the host of an existing website?

Go to the URL listed below and type in the address and check all the boxes. Click the go button and then on your results look under Registrar this is the name and contact information tha... Read More »

Can someone please tell me the best and cheapest way to find a host and domain and set up a website?

You can find out step by step guide on how to create a website at can even earn from adsense using your website.

How can I publish my website after finishing using iWebkit to make it Do I need a website domain host?

Domain names must be paid for unless offered free as part of a paid hosting package.Free web site sources:Budget Web Hosting List (2 pages):…http://www.pi... Read More »