How can I find how many dpi a photo is?

Answer You can find out what a certain photo's setting for PPI is (DPI is a misnomer) but the photo doesn't in and of itself "have" a PPI. That number is only an instruction to the printing machine. It ca... Read More »

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How is it possible that my iPhone 3G takes a photo of whatever is on my phone screen Sometimes I'll find a photo in my library of what I was doing on my phone. How is this possible?

Not sure on the iPhone, but on the iPod Touch, if you press the power button + the home button, it saves a screenshot. I guees is the same for the iPhone.

How to Find Photo Ops?

Even in the desert, at night, you can find a photoSometimes, you have trouble finding something to take pictures of. No matter how hard you look, you just don't 'see' them. Maybe this will help.

How to Find the Origins of a Photo?

Whether you found an old photograph at a flea market, or a more recent photo on someone's website, you have several options for finding the origins of that photo. There are several markers that can... Read More »

How do you find out the date a photo was taken on your phone?