How can I find free music online for my new ipod?

Answer limewirefrostwirebear sharemp3 rocketi have tried all these and like em

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Where is a place i can find FREE downloading for music to go on my ipod?

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Where can i download free music and music video,movies for free ..for my ipod?

think twice if you want to download music for iPod from those free site, i.e. limewire for 2 simple reasons, 1. it is illegal2. those sites are usually contains virus and it will just crash your sy... Read More »

To put music on your Ipod mini 1st generation do need to buy from Itunes or can you use music you have somewhere else for free?

Answer yes you can but u need to import your music to ur itunes. so if u have windows media player or something else you make a file of all the music u want on ur itunes/ipod and then drag or copy ... Read More »

Where online can I listen to free music online?