How can I estimate a trip& fall settlement?

Answer Estimating a settlement for injuries sustained in a trip-and-fall accident is not as easy as estimating a settlement for the same injuries sustained in an automobile accident. That's because liabil... Read More »

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How to Win a Slip and Fall Settlement?

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common injuries in today's justice systems. Dealing with them is often problematic: some of the specific aspects of a slip and fall accident case can be... Read More »

Trip & Fall Safety?

Trip and fall accidents are a common occurrence, and could lead to serious injury. There are a variety of ways you can help reduce your chances of being involved in a trip and fall accident. Being ... Read More »

How to Trip and Fall With Minimal Damage to Yourself and Your Ego?

"Have a nice trip!" "See you next fall!"If you are sick and tired of hearing the same old jokes after you fall over, then read on and learn how to mask your falls to avoid embarrassment.

Your Mother passed away 2 years ago and you are getting a settlement can credit card debt go after the settlement?

Answer Well, if they are garnishing your wages, than probably yes. What you should do is call and bargain with them to pay them off. If you owe $1,000, tell them you can pay $500. It's better j... Read More »