How can I erase references to me on the internet?

Answer The people search sites get data from records like where you've paid utility bills, where your credit card bills are sent, etc.The most realistic thing you can do yourself to combat this is:1. Get ... Read More »

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How to Cite Internet References in a Paper?

Writing a college paper is a daunting enough task without having to follow the several different sets of frequently revised rules on how to acknowledge your paper's source material. The primary for... Read More »

How do I cite Internet references in APA format?

America Psychological Association (APA) is one of the three main citation styles for citing sources, along with the Modern Language Association and the Chicago Manual of Style. Follow this template... Read More »

How do your erase the memory of your internet?

depends on what browser you are using - for ie7 - go to the tools pop down menu - then to "internet options" - on the first tab is a "delete" button - this will then prompt you with options on what... Read More »

How to Erase Your Internet History on Windows 98?

The index.dat file keeps a log of everything you've ever viewed on the internet, and conventional methods will not delete it e.g. Clear history, Delete cookies, Delete files.