How can I enjoy my evenings without alcohol?

Answer Honey, hate to break it to you but you are an alcoholic. You have just listed a lot of the classic symptoms. Now what you have to do is decide if you are going to do anything about it. Because if y... Read More »

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How can I enjoy my wine without a cockscrew?

((((((((((India))))))))))Awesome Q...simple can't...but, if you are creative, you can always work things out for yourself...just find another tool to use...

How to Enjoy Easter Without Chocolate?

Chocolate that you won't be havingNo chocolate? That's ok. You'll will learn how to have a good Easter without any chocolate.

Can"Evenings"Be a Singular Collective Noun?

The word "evenings" cannot be a singular collective noun. Collective nouns refer to groups or collections of people, animals or items, such as "class," "unit," "team" or "jury." The word "evenings"... Read More »

How to Enjoy Wine Without Being a Snob?

Wine is a libation unique in its full spectrum of enjoyment, from the dirt-cheap boxed wine on grocery store shelves to that perfectly aged bottle of Bordeaux with an astronomical price tag. Unfort... Read More »