How can I dub my voice on to my video, Now I am using windows movie maker?

Answer Attach a microphone to your pc. Open win movie maker (wmm); import video file - drag/drop to desired sequence to timeline. Click on microphone icon near timeline chart, click Start/Read your scrip... Read More »

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How do you crop the middle of a video out using Windows Movie Maker?

I think you are trying to split the video clip and remove the section that you do not want..To do that, click your mouse on the story board time line where you want to split the clip and then go to... Read More »

How Do You Use Windows Movie Maker After Using The Flip Video Camera?

While, Flip video camcra usually produce file in MP4 format which can't be directly supported by Windows Movie Maker, in order to upload ur flip video files to Windows Movie Maker, u have to conver... Read More »

How to make a youtube lyrics video using Windows Live Movie Maker?

Babydoll,I never did it....-_-……They have instructions.Good luck with that and have fun

How to Make an HP Puppet Pals Video Using Windows Movie Maker, Pics, and Paint?

Have you ever watched the HP Puppet Pals on YouTube(old versions)? Here's how to make one(note: this is only for windows).