How can I download splitcam in my android?

Answer You have to go through a very long process. You'd need a hell of a lot of knowledge and after all of the time and effort you put in it still might not happen. Short of paying several hundred quid f... Read More »

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Can you download the lastes android software on your android phone like on iphones?

Is there an app similar to Vlingo that is available to download for android users running under android 1?

The motorola razr with its awesome looks and big screen. How ever i would wait for the new iphone (after 4S) to come out before i make a move

How to download android version 2.3.4 on my galaxy ace s5830i android version 2.3.6 (stock)?

Well if your phone is rooted already then in India Galaxy ACE S5830i with Official India DDLD2 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware is available. Check out the following link. The process is through odin.

How do you download DVD to android?

because touchscreens are in high demand and wanted more then ragular phones.