How can I download Vocaloid on my iTouch?

Answer It's actually very simple! If you have ever had a regular iPod before, an iTouch works in exactly the same way. If you have not, I would recommend looking into tutorials for working iTunes (Which y... Read More »

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Where can I download Vocaloid music?

if there's specific audio you'd like to have you can use a youtube-to-mp3 converter. my site of choice: copy your link from the video, then paste it into the box an... Read More »

I want to get itouch download 2.0... help?

no its not worth it, i dont know what you would get out of the download. But i think you should delete some songs or videos on your itouch.

I cannot download the Facebook app on my itouch?

Just like Computers use Operating System ( It is one which communicates between hardware and software ), even iTouch, iPhone, etc have Operating Systems. They have different versions like iOS 4, iO... Read More »

What is the best movie to download on you Itouch?