How can I do three different plots in one graph in excel?

Answer Let us say you are wanting to produce three separate lines indicating the values on a Line Chart graph. Your data would look something like the following: ------- A ------------ B ------- C ------... Read More »

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How do I name the plots in an Excel 2007 scatter plot diagram?

You should be able to have each of the "person names" within the cells of your worksheet, so that when the data and label cells are all selected, the chart will be correctly displayed using those l... Read More »

How do I make a graph on Excel?

The Chart you describe already sounds like it is setup as a Graph.How is the raw data established in the spreadsheet so that it can be used in your chart??What kind of Chart did you make?? (Column... Read More »

How to Do a Histogram Graph Using Excel?

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that allows you enter and store data or values into the rows or columns, and to use these values for calculations and statistical analysis. It is a tool f... Read More »

How to Convert an Excel Graph to a JPG?

The Microsoft Excel program allows users to create spreadsheets and visually stimulating graphs and charts. If you want to export your graph as an image file or protect your graph from being modifi... Read More »