How can I do three different plots in one graph in excel?

Answer Let us say you are wanting to produce three separate lines indicating the values on a Line Chart graph. Your data would look something like the following: ------- A ------------ B ------- C ------... Read More »

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How to plot three sets of data in one graph - Excel?

You did not state which version of MS-Excel you are using, so I will assume it to be 2003 or earlier (though the same basic information is valid for 2007).This should not be a problem. Just create... Read More »

How do you put different series together to form one continous line on one row in excel line graph?

By just selecting all of the cell values you want to use within a single Series: =( Sheet1!$A$3:$B$3, Sheet1!$C$5, Sheet1!$E$7, Sheet1!$C$10, Sheet1!$E$14 ) .

How do I name the plots in an Excel 2007 scatter plot diagram?

You should be able to have each of the "person names" within the cells of your worksheet, so that when the data and label cells are all selected, the chart will be correctly displayed using those l... Read More »

I need help, I'm looking for three philosophy statements from three different child care programs?

You really should be doing your own homework. Are you comparing three types of child care, or three child care programs?Look up the websites of three child care centers in your area. Read their m... Read More »