How can I do this to my photos?

Answer Take the 2 picture, then use Photo Shop or GIMP to make them look like that. It will take a bit of talent and work to make it look good. I am sure YouTube has help on to do this type of thing. J... Read More »

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Google denied my removal requests of photos. Is this because the website these photos are originally from isnt?

If they are on my space don't just close the account, delete the photos Some sites like FB keep them in cache in hopes you reopen the account

When i print photos from my printer at home, they have a pink tinge. why is this and how can i prevent this?

A color or photo cartridge is either low, clogged or has run out of one of the basic colors it mixes together to create the colors in your images. The printer cannot print correctly if it lacks one... Read More »

What kind of tree is this (Photos)?

It's either a maple, like a vine maple, or it's a wild cherry. Your close-up picture of the trunk looks more like a cherry.... a wild cherry. If you had any pictures of a leaf it would help and wou... Read More »

How do I get this red paint out of my scarf pleas help :(Photos)?

Look at the label on your scarf to find out if it is washable. If so, run some lukewarm water in the bathroom sink with a little Woollite and swish your scarf around in the water. If the paint d... Read More »