How can I do this hairstyle?

Answer You'll need: bobby pins (slides), curlers, hairspray and decorated hair clip (flower, bow etc..)First you'll need to part your hair with a thin comb or a finger. Curl the hair in very thin pieces s... Read More »

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How do i get this hairstyle?

you dont need to tease or use extensions, try using a root boosting spray, garnier fructis has a nice one:…this hairstyle looks better long like in the pic

How to do this hairstyle?

Well I don't have a Pic or an example of what it is you want, Since I do not know but wish to provide something for you, try these10 Short Hair Styles…5 fa... Read More »

How to and should I get this hairstyle?

What to tell your hairdresser: "Can I have a short haired Ashley Benson hair cut?" it Goes about an inch or an inch & 1/2 under the shoulders." I also HIGHLY recommend printing out different angled... Read More »

How can i get this kind of hairstyle?

just try some products until you find the correct one that works for you, you can get gel, liquid, the gum is good, and style with fingertips, have it trimed 1st