How can I do my makeup so I look dead?

Answer ur insane hahahahahha! what a great prank! ok so here are my tips:1.Dead people are always cold, so maybe take a cold shower/ put on an air conditioning near u/ spend the night in the freezer lol2.... Read More »

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How to Do Dead Makeup?

Mixing makeup to make yourself or someone else look dead is not difficult, but it does take the right colors. The stark white face with black around the eyes and cheeks will produce a startling app... Read More »

How to Get the Dead & Decayed Makeup Look?

Getting the dead and decayed makeup look -- the zombie look -- is more time-consuming than difficult. With some simple makeup techniques, you can turn your face into a frightful mess of oozing deat... Read More »

Are those real dead bodies or people wearing makeup?

All shows use living people (usually in makeup) for fresh corpses and heavy makeup or professionally made models for those "corpses" that have deteriorated. No truly deceased people are ever used.

What happens to the dead fetus inside a dead mother?

Both needs to be examined to see what the cause of death is and then the family can decide if they should be buried together or separately. Usually it's together.