How can I determine the gender of my baby?

Answer Deciding whether to find out a baby's gender is a personal decision that couples generally make in early pregnancy. Many couples are too excited to wait until their child is born to find out whethe... Read More »

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Does the mother determine the gender of the baby?

The mother does not determine the gender of the baby. The egg from the mother always contains an X chromosome. The sperm cell from the father can contribute an X or a Y chromosome. Mother's X and f... Read More »

How to Determine the Gender of Your Baby in the Sims 3?

It's all in the title- and generally simple!

Techniques to Determine a Baby's Gender?

Up until a few decades ago, part of the mystery of pregnancy and childbirth for parents included whether or not they would be welcoming a son or daughter into the world. That question wasn't answer... Read More »

At what month can you determine the gender of a baby?

Doctors can determine the gender of a baby as early as 11 weeks, performing a risky procedure known as amniocentesis, according to a May 2007 MSNBC article. An ultrasound at 20 weeks is 100-percent... Read More »