How can I delete programs I no longer use on my computer?

Answer deleting programs off your computer can be done by going to control panel and then add/remove programs,just highlight the selected program and click remove to uninstall the program some pro... Read More »

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How to Delete the Registration of Programs That Are No Longer on Your Computer?

Depending on the developer or type of software, the registration information for your software applications can be stored in different locations. Primarily, this information is generally stored in ... Read More »

Please help me clean up my computer. Which of these programs can I delete?

The Adobe programs: You probably need all of these as you mentioned that you play flash games a lot.The Modem:It's a driver for a 56k dial up modem. You should keep it installed unless you can find... Read More »

If i delete programs on my computer that i dont need, will this give me more RAM?

RAM is random access memory. it is used for applications that are currently open by loading it into the RAM. RAM is much faster than the hard drive, but the problem with having your entire computer... Read More »

When i delete my msg off my facebook on my computer they wont delete off my fone help?

not sure what a "fone" is - maybe you mean a "phone"?when you delete messages, they arent actually deleted, they are archived, until you also delete the archive.... did you do that?btw, it doesnt d... Read More »