How can I delete internet history COMPLETELY so NO ONE can find it?

Answer As well as deleting your history, delete your temporary internet files and cookies. Your temporary internet files are similar to cookies and they can show the websites you have been on as well.Dele... Read More »

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How to Delete History Completely?

Deleting history is a very basic function of Internet browsers. This will prevent people from viewing what sites you have visited, any form data that was saved, and will log you out of any sites th... Read More »

How to Delete Browsing History Completely?

Unless you adjust its default settings, your Web browser maintains information about every Web page you visit. In addition to saving the address and title of every visited page, the browser stores ... Read More »

How to Completely Clear Your Internet History?

Clearing the Internet history is something everyone should know how to do. The ability to browse websites discreetly is invaluable. The method for clearing your Internet browser history will depend... Read More »

How do I completely clear/delete my list of favorites in Internet Explorer?

Although I don't know...that's an excellent question. (I gave you a star) I do happen to know you are correct that there IS a way. (I heard it before, but forgot how to do it.) Added : OK...I did s... Read More »