How can I deal with depression without letting other people know\?

Answer You can go to a counselor or doctor and explain to them that you are in a depression. They can prescribe some Wellbutrin and/or Zoloft. That's what helped me after experimenting with medication f... Read More »

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How to Deal With the New Wife Letting Your Children Do Anything?

This is a very difficult and tricky situation, and it has to be amended as soon as possible. If continued you are all heading for a disaster, and a very unhappy relationship.

How to Buy People Gifts Without Letting Them Know?

This will help you get people the presents they want without letting them know. If you read this carefully you should beable to wow them with your presents and be an awesome friend,kid,parent etc.

Dad only letting 12 people to party?

Be thankful that he's even allowing you to HAVE a party, and stop being an ungrateful little b*tch.

How to Avoid Letting Pessimistic People Get You Down?

In spite of your own sense of balance and optimism about life, hanging around pessimistic people at home, work, school and play can be a real downer after too much exposure. Negative vibes are a su... Read More »