How can I deal with Ear Pain?

Answer Hi there: Here is what you can do. Go to the drug an tell them you want ear oil. This will keep your ear wax soft. And will help with the pain. K

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How do you deal with the pain?

You don't. There is no way to 'deal' with pain that is neverending. No closure, no end, just forever with that pain, anguish and misery. You find a way to live with it but just when you think yo... Read More »

How to Deal With Pain?

Dealing with pain is a challenging problem that all of us face at some point in our lives. Pain comes in many forms, from back pain to ulcer pain, but no matter what kind you experience, there are ... Read More »

Best way to help deal with pain?

One of the first places to go would be a reputable, informative sight such as : RSD and CRPS is a little understood, extremely painful disease (it ranks higher th... Read More »

If you have back pain how do you deal with it?

you gotta exercise that's the best way to get rid of that paini used to have back problem but since i started exercising i don't any pain anymore good luck