How can I de-tangle my barbie's long hair?

Answer Ok here's the steps:1. brush her hair as much as you can just so that you can get out any things that are stuck in it (like fur, dust, ect.)2. Wash and condition her hair with regular shampoo and ... Read More »

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How to remove a knot or tangle from hair?

Wet or dry, trying to brush or comb out a tangle in your hair can be a painful and frustrating experience. You can lessen them both by following a few simple steps. Does this Spa... Read More »

How to Treat Hair After Tangle Damage?

Roughly washing your hair, chemical treatments, and incorrect styling techniques can trigger tangles and knots. Detangling your hair and constantly pulling and tugging on it can cause breakage and ... Read More »

How to Keep Synthetic Hair Tangle Free?

Synthetic hair contributes to wigs, hairpieces, and extensions at a low cost. However, caring for your new hairpiece or extension is a little different than caring for human hair, especially when i... Read More »

How to Make Sure Your Hair Doesn't Tangle After a Shower?

Some people dread showering or heavy activities that will require showering due to the fact that their hair tangles very badly. Reclaim your shower and prevent this from ever happening again with a... Read More »