How can I cure a strained hamstring?

Answer The hamstring is the common term to refer to the group of three muscles that run down the upper back of the legs. Straining a hamstring can cause great pain, and rehabilitating a torn hamstring can... Read More »

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I strained my hamstring?

I would say that it's the hard training to go for....Good luck!

What are the treatments for a strained hamstring?

The hamstring is a muscle that runs along the back of each of your legs and helps your hips and knees move. A hamstring strain is a painful condition that occurs when this muscle becomes stretched ... Read More »

Strained knee, can I run?

I'd say it's your call. It depends on how your knee is feeling and how you'll do. If your knee feels pretty good, then go ahead and try it! If you're running and it starts acting up, then take a br... Read More »

Strained Tendons in Horses?

When a horse strains a tendon, it is a very serious injury that can cripple it for life if not treated properly. You cannot know too much when it comes to informing yourself about the injury of a s... Read More »