How can I create one of those "Become a Fan" things on Facebook?

Answer Go to any page that someone else made that has "Become a Fan" and scroll to the bottom. Look at the left hand column and there should be a button that says Create a Page for My BusinessGood Luck! (:

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My mom said " I can see everything you type on facebook so no cussing or dirty things or bad things"?

I had a 13 year old Daughter once. lolMaybe she meant she can see everything which the rest of your friends can see. Otherwise, if she has your password or key logging software (which then gives he... Read More »

How to Un-like Things in Facebook?

Social networking website Facebook affords you a wide range of options for interacting with friends, family and other contacts. One feature central to Facebook are posts you make to the collective ... Read More »

Are there any other things like AIM or facebook?

things like AIM -gchatmsn messengerthings like facebook - linkedinmyyearbookmyspacening

I want a facebook, but im scared to get one b/c my dad says there are a lot of bad things that happen there.?