How can I cover white ceramic tiles in my kitchen?

Answer White ceramic tiles can help a kitchen design look bright and fresh when they are first installed. Over time however, they can begin to look old, dirty or dingy, which can make the kitchen seem tha... Read More »

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How to Repair Ceramic Kitchen Tiles?

Ceramic tiles in a kitchen can easily show wear and tear. Even clumsy (or not so clumsy) mistakes, like dropping a heavy dish on the tile floor, can quickly ruin a tile job. You do not need to comp... Read More »

How to Remove Ceramic Tiles from a Kitchen Counter?

Tile countertops are functional and long-lasting. However, like most kitchen countertops, tile countertops can see a lot of abuse over time. Removing ceramic tiles from a kitchen countertop is a go... Read More »

How many 18x18 ceramic tiles does it take to cover 900 sq feet?

18 inch x 18 inch tile is really (1 and 1/2) feet by (1 and 1/2) feet That is (3/2) x(3/2) square feet = 9/4 square feet. To cover 900 square feet we need (900)/(9/4) = (900) x (4/9) = 100 x 4 = 40... Read More »

Best adhesive to stick ceramic tiles onto ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles are not typically adhered to ceramic tiles. If you set on this course of action, try epoxy.