How can I correct a problem with my TV screen?

Answer Yes the first guy is right it's in the vertical section, but if it's not permanent maybe it's just the solder crack (so sometimes it connect sometimes it lose) because of heat, you need to re solde... Read More »

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How to Correct a Hard Steering Problem ?

Hard or stiff steering for a vehicle is frustrating to say the least and can be dangerous as well. You have to count on proper steering at all times. This article will help you troubleshoot a hard ... Read More »

My screen is upside down.pls tell how do i correct it?

Flip over the monitor. OR THere should be buttons on ur monitor. Mine has a factory reset button that returns it to how it was before. Use that if ur monitor has one. If not, look for other setting... Read More »

HELP! my computer screen is upside down! how do i correct it?

How do in correct a dark projection screen?

This questions is not really clear to me.Do you want to correct a dark projection screen in a rear projection TV or are you talking about a real projection screen?Thanks for clarifying.Otto TrommBe... Read More »