How can I copy and paste a Google Maps map into a Word document They seem to have disabled the right click?

Answer Open Word, Google Maps, and MS Paint.While on your map, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. It may appear as PrntScrn. Then go to Paint, and press Ctrl+V. Then use the rectangle select ... Read More »

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I cannot edit a scanned word or excel document, I can only cut, copy, paste. Is there a way to edit scan docs?

When a document is scanned into a computer, it does not come in as "text" (meaning words and numbers). It is scanned in as a picture. So there is no way to edit a normally scanned document.But ch... Read More »

How to Copy & Paste Maps?

Many mapping websites, such as MapQuest, rank in the top 100 of the most visited website. Printable maps cannot only help you get from one destination to another, but they also help you find altern... Read More »

My right click on my mause dont work how can i copy and paste?

select text then:Mac OS X: apple+c / apple+vLinux / Windows: ctrl+c / ctrl+v

On VLC Media it possible to right click and copy a scene from a movie at a certain place and paste?

You can get screen shots from the menu but what you really want avidemux: