How can I convince my mom that I need to go to the gynecologist?

Answer You are 18 so legally you can go by yourself you don't need your mom to take you, find your local gyno doctor and take your insurance card and go.

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What happens when you go to the gynecologist?

A typical gynecological examination actually includes several inspections and tests to ensure that a woman's reproductive system has no undetected issues. The exam includes a breast exam and a Pap ... Read More »

What do you need to see a gynecologist for?

While many women see gynecologists for reproductive issues, they also visit them for regular check-ups and routine issues. Gynecologists are trained doctors who have experience diagnosing and treat... Read More »

Is it okay to go to the gynecologist every day?

I'm not a real gynecologist but I play one on TV. You can come and see me anytime

How long would it take to become a gynecologist?

It takes at least 12 years to become a gynecologist. Gynecologists must earn an undergraduate degree, then complete four years of medical school. After that, they must complete a four-year residenc... Read More »