How can I convince my girlfriend that she really can eat nuts?

Answer Wax them. Presentation is everything. Nothing makes me drool like smooth, polished nuts.

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How can I convince my girlfriend to eat nuts?

Ask her if she will just try a little lick first until she gets used to the flavor.

How to convince a friend that drinking is really bad for you?

Tell him that it is true that it has many benefits but the excessive cosumption of it turns it deadly just like with food....if you eat too much food you first become fat and then you begin to have... Read More »

HOW would YOU convince an 11 year old boy that school really is worthwhile?

You're never going to convince an 11 year old of anything unless they think of it first.The trick is getting them to think of it first.KitKat, it sounds like you've raised an independant, free-thin... Read More »

How can a single mother convince her sexually inexperienced son that his first time having intercourse with his girlfriend or anyone can lead to unwanted pregnancy?

Try This You might try finding news stories about it or getting some statistics. If that doesnt work you might just want to give him condoms so you can help prevent it.