How can I convert my Sony Betamax VCR to take DVDs?

Answer Naysayers.....Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something, Joey!

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How to Convert Betamax to Blu-Ray?

So you want to preserve your old-school Betamax format tapes by converting them to the cutting edge of playback media: the Blu-Ray. Betamax was on the losing side of the VCR wars of the late 1980s.... Read More »

How to Copy DVDs on a Sony VAIO?

All Sony Vaio laptop computers ship running a version of the Windows operating system (either Vista or 7, depending on when you purchased your unit). Because of this, you can use the tools built in... Read More »

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My Sony DVD Camcorder DVDs Won't Play on My PC?

Many Sony Handycams record the audio and video content onto a blank miniDVD. With the DVD you are able to not only import the contents onto your computer without the help of a video editor, but pla... Read More »