How can I control my A.D.D. and use both facebook and Y!A at the same time?

Answer We really coulda used you, too, Facebook loser.Mix your beer with Adderall.Sorry, Meaty. I had to get my bigguns out.

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I have 2 computers, both running WinXP...what's the best way to hook both to 1 monitor at same time?

Ok, what you need is a little switch. I believe it's called a KVM switch. (google that, not positive). Anyways, what it does is, connects both computers to one monitor like you said.I have it hooke... Read More »

Can I use both regular routers at the same time?

The 2nd router should be set up as an access point. No need to secure. Any user would still need the ssid/password to access your networkAll you're doing is extending your network range

Can you have both autism and ADHD at the same time?

ADHD and Autism are very similar in behavioral issues. Usually ADHD is diagnosed first and then is replaced with Autism and Asberger's Syndrome, but there are a few people who have both.

Can a desktop and a laptop both access the internet at the same time?

Yes, they both can be used at the same time. To the modem, you are using just one connection. The router takes all the connections, from all the computers in your house and combines them into that ... Read More »