How can I contain a 6 GB file on a 4.7 GB disk...?

Answer There are two ways. One is to Zip the file. The other is to turn on disk compression on the drive itself. Right-click and go to Properties of the disk and enable disk compression. This works best i... Read More »

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After downloading the file,the file does not exist on the hard disk.?

It would have helped to know what OS, browser, versions, and what you were downloading.Have you looked into the typical directory paths were downloads are stored, those would be the first places to... Read More »

Where is the boot file on an XP disk?

The Windows XP boot file on your hard drive is listed as a file named boot.ini. Unless you have made changes to the boot file, it can be found directly on the C: drive. However, it is a hidden, rea... Read More »

How to Burn a VCD File to a Disk?

VCD (Video CD) files are disk image representations of video disks. The VCD was the predecessor to the DVD and succeeded the laser disk specification. The other small-sized VCDs are commonly held a... Read More »

How do I burn an MKV file to a disk?

Burning MKV to DiscClick the "Start" button in Windows. Select and open "Windows Media Player." Click the "Burn" tab. Click the down arrow underneath the Burn label in the tab, and a drop-down menu... Read More »