How can I contact to Betamax or voipstunt?

Answer Betamax is a Marketing Machine operating under more than two dozen brand names. They are strictly focused on marketing and selling, not customer service. They want your money, not your complaints... Read More »

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Blu Ray or HD DVD: Is it VHS vs Betamax all over again?

The producers may decide for us..."Blu-ray has superior quality, yes, but HD DVD is easier to produce, cheaper to produce and there are more HD DVD players in homes than there are Blu-ray players, ... Read More »

VHS or Betamax?

How to Convert Betamax to Blu-Ray?

So you want to preserve your old-school Betamax format tapes by converting them to the cutting edge of playback media: the Blu-Ray. Betamax was on the losing side of the VCR wars of the late 1980s.... Read More »

Technically speaking, which was better: Betamax or VHS?

Batamax was NOT a digital technology. Nor did it have inherent mechanical issues. It did have Hi-Fi audio (optical)capabilities YEARS before VHS and a much simpler mechanical system than VHS. Th... Read More »