How can I connect my Sony camcorder to my mac computer?

Answer The Sony DCR-TRV11 camcorder is miniDV tape based.What are you expecing the Mac to do? Nothing will automatically "pop up".Connecting a 4-pin to 6-pin firewire cable to the camcorder's DV port and ... Read More »

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How to Connect My 8mm Sony Camcorder to My Computer?

Sony 8mm camcorders are available in two categories: older, analog-cassette video cameras and camcorders that capture video onto digital tape. The cable connections for hooking up to a computer are... Read More »

How do I Connect a Sony Dcr-Trv280 Camcorder to a Dell Inspiron B120 Computer?

The Sony DCR-TRV280 camcorder uses digital video cassettes to record picture and sound. The camcorder can be connected to other devices, such as a Dell Inspiron B120 laptop computer, using a USB ca... Read More »

How do I connect a Sony DCR-TRV280 camcorder to a Dell Inspiron B120 computer?

Connecting the Sony DCR-TRV280 to a Dell Inspiron B120Connect a 4-pin to 4-pin Firewire (also known as IEEE 1394) cable between the Sony DCR-TRV280 and the Dell Inspiron B120. The Firewire port on ... Read More »

How to connect a microphone to a Sony HDR-CX190 High Definition Handycam 5.3 MP Camcorder(2012 Model)?

You don't. The Sony HDR-CX190 does not have a mic jack or other audio input.You can use an external audio recorder and synch that audio with the captured video when the video is edited.