How can I connect computer and TV to watch internet TV in Television?

Answer S-videoMost video cards have a S-video output that can be connected to the tv S-Video input. Many of the newer cards have HDTV outputs.The image on the screen has a relationship with your resolutio... Read More »

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How to watch television channels on internet for free?

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Is there anyway to watch British Television on Internet in US?

online, if you google you can find alof of free sites that has links for episodes is one for example.

How to Connect an iMac Computer to a Television?

The iMac is a desktop computer manufactured and marketed by Apple. The iMac was originally released in 1998 and as of October 2010 is currently in its fifth major revision. Although the different i... Read More »

Can you connect your computer to the television?

Most computers and modern televisions, particularly those with HD capability, can be easily connected by DE-15 or HD-15 VGA cables. The connectors for these cables are shaped like trapezoids, with ... Read More »