How can I connect all my entertainment devices to one speaker?

Answer With an up to date surround sound amp you can definetly connect everything you mentioned except the computer and the karaoke machine. I'm not sure how you can connect the karaoke unless it has a ... Read More »

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How Can I Connect Multiple Speaker Wires Stereo Terminal/Speaker Input?

Connecting more than one set of speakers to a single speaker wire terminal is NOT recommended. The reason for this has to do with loading and impedance. Hooking up more than one speaker decreases... Read More »

I recently bought a Bose 321 GS Series DVD entertainment system but my left surround sound speaker...?

make sure your television is set on stereo and not mono that would not allow the left speaker to work, or check if you have the red/white/ yellow cables plugged in properly

How do i connect home entertainment systems?

Home entertainment systems can be difficult to set up, especially if you do not have any previous experience connecting the various components of your entertainment system. You can hire a professio... Read More »

How to Connect a Plasma TV to a Home Entertainment System?

Plasma TV sets connected to a home entertainment system enable you to enjoy surround sound with the high-definition video on the television. Since the home entertainment system provides the audio, ... Read More »