How can I confront my neighbor?

Answer You have to be freaking kidding me, right????????????Sorry but it is people LIKE YOU who give veggies and vegans bad names! For gripes sake woman! Live and let live. Why the hell is it any of yo... Read More »

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How do I confront my dad?

speak to him about whats bothering you, or him. but of course if it is personal, try to be polite.

How to Confront a Friend?

Confronting a friend is never easy, no matter what you are confronting them about. It's always a challenge, and it's easy to mess up on your first try, or even the fifth.

How to Confront Stereotypes?

Confronting stereotypes can be challenging. Though annoying, stereotypes are common and easy ways to categorize people and things to help people believe they actually understand the world when in f... Read More »

How to Confront a Backstabber?

Being at the receiving end of the vitriol or smugness of a backstabber is unpleasant at best and can be extremely damaging at worst, depending on what has been said or done.A backstabber who is all... Read More »