How can I completely wipe a computer clean?

Answer The typical turnaround for computers is about five years as new models come out yearly that are always better than the last. However, identity theft and the stealing of information leave the world ... Read More »

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How do i completely wipe a computer?

FORMAT C:\ WILL SAVE THE WORLD! ...and fulfill your wish of wiping your HDD too!If you have your original windows installation CD (assuming that you are running a windows system), restart your PC, ... Read More »

Is it possible to completely wipe your hard drive clean?

It depends on who's trying to find things on your hard drive.

How to Wipe My Computer Clean?

While a computer can be wiped by removing the hard drive and physically destroying it, these methods are costly and unnecessary. You can erase data just as effectively with a secure erase utility. ... Read More »

How to Wipe a Windows Computer Clean?

There are a number of times when wiping your Windows PC clean is the best course of action. If your computer is hit by a persistent virus, or if the operating system files have become corrupt, wipi... Read More »