How can I clean this DVD?

Answer I've been copying DVDs for about 4 years. First thing to do is to run a lens cleaner through your DVD player. They're cheap, around $12 at Walmart. You put it in the DVD player and let it run fo... Read More »

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How do I clean this vanity?

Do u know a cleaner called Vim? I use it everywhere and it cleans wonderfully!

How do i clean this case...?

Well, since it's only $2.71 + $1.50 shipping, why not just buy a new case?I'm surprised that simple soap and water removed things from your case, but at that price (and delivered from China), I gue... Read More »

How to clean This part of an oven?

Inferred heating element, just like the one's on your stove top. I usually just turn the oven up and let the element burn off any dirt that's collected on it. Then just wipe up the rest.

Who'll clean up this mess?

Just sell the house cheap, take your stuff and move on up. I mean it isn't your house or your mess.