How can I clean the screen of my lcd monitor without scratching it ?

Answer The maker of my LCD recommends a damp, soft cloth and then dry with a soft cloth. The maker does not recommend any solvents or solutions be used on the monitor.

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Whats a good way to clean computer monitor without scratching it?

windex or the cleaner and cloth used for glasses

How do I clean the screen on my PC without smudging or scratching it up?

buy a small bottle of screen cleaner, available at about any office supply or WallyWorld

How to clean LED monitor screen if there are some oily dirts on the screen ?

Use deionised water on a piece of lint free cloth. Rub gently few times. Do not use any solvents or chemicals on the LED screen. Visit this web site.…

How do I clean my monitor screen and my HD tv screen Thanks.?

First, it's probably not a good idea to use anything like Windex or Fantastic. 3M makes a product called a "microfiber electronics cloth" that you can get at computer and office supply stores. It... Read More »