How can I clean the screen of my lcd monitor without scratching it ?

Answer The maker of my LCD recommends a damp, soft cloth and then dry with a soft cloth. The maker does not recommend any solvents or solutions be used on the monitor.

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Whats a good way to clean computer monitor without scratching it?

windex or the cleaner and cloth used for glasses

How do I clean the screen on my PC without smudging or scratching it up?

buy a small bottle of screen cleaner, available at about any office supply or WallyWorld

What can you use to clean a lcd monitor screen without harming it?

they have wipes at office depot and such especially for lcd

How do I clean plastic tubs& sinks safely without scratching?

Dish Soap CleanerMix 2 tbsp. of dish soap with warm water in a bucket. Dip a soft sponge into the dish soap water, and rub down the plastic tub or sink. Rinse thoroughly. If there is caked-on soap ... Read More »