How can I choose a pair of eyeglasses frames that suits me best from online stores?

Answer Check the measurements of an old pair of glasses that fit you well. The online frame usually have their dimensions, so you can compare the dimensions to get a close match.Most of the online stores ... Read More »

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Where can I buy a pair of fashion eyeglasses frames, not expensive?

I know about your what you meant. Usually online stores offer cheaper eyeglasses than in retail stores, but you also shouldn't buy a pair at a random store. The quality also matters much. You are l... Read More »

Anyone knows some USA-based eyeglasses frames wholesale stores Have you heard about

Yes, I have already done business with for nearly half a year (for I'm also doing the same business as you are planning). As far as I know, CCVG represents Crystal Clear Vision Group, wh... Read More »

What shape of eyeglasses frames can I choose?

A really good question about how to choose eyeglasses frame shapes. Different face shapes should choose different shaps of eyeglasses frames. Look at your face in the mirror to see what kind of sha... Read More »

How can I choose a pair of eyeglasses frame if I have a high prescription?

Hi, generally I recommend frames in small size.Plastic or wood for frame material is better if you have a high prescription.We do not recommend metal rimless frame, because the slot of the metal fr... Read More »