How can I check that I do not have any microphones in my room?

Answer are you a spy or something?You can get a device to check for RF signals broadcasts outside of your room. If there are no rf signals it would have to be a direct connection to a record device. You... Read More »

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How can I check for bugs in my room! Microphones and the like?

Well you can either buy a countersurveillance monitor at great expense or you can make one. Here's a circuit diagram:…Alternatively if you suspect you are ... Read More »

If a renter has told you you could have a certain room in their house for 300 dolers a month do they have a right to give haf of that room to another renter without notifying you first?

This is probably a dumb question but if I'm in a room that smells bad will I smell like that room?

yes, the odors will carry on your clothes and your hair.

Is there a digital camera that you can use with wirless microphones?

Any camera that has a 3.5 mm micro phone jack can use a wireless microphone.