How can I check my own blood pressure at home?

Answer Checking your blood pressure on your own can be an important part of managing high blood pressure. Often, doctors suggest that their patients purchase a machine that allows them to check their bloo... Read More »

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How to Check Your Blood Pressure with a Sphygmomanometer?

If you have hypertension (also called high blood pressure), it's important to check your blood pressure regularly. Unfortunately, though, many people have "lab coat syndrome," (AKA "white coat hype... Read More »

High blood pressure--What multiple supplement lowers blood pressure?

Homeopathic Treatment for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) :-Head remedy; with nervousness (during pregnancy use with care) Rauwolfia S.Q(Mother Tincture) 4 hourly With depression; suicidal tende... Read More »

Any home or herbal remedies for high blood pressure 125/180?

The Best way to treat Hiigh Blood pressure is Homeopathic Medicine, absolutely the best and the safest and the most effective. Nothing compares to it where chronic disease and disorders are concern... Read More »

How accurate are at home blood pressure testing kits?

On One Hand: Home Equipment Can Be AccurateHome blood-pressure testing equipment that is properly calibrated can be accurate. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that people talk with a... Read More »