How can I check and see if there is a bad pixel on my LCD HDTV?

Answer Bad pixels are easy to spot on a LCD television they simply don't produce any light at all, or they appear as a black dot. Most manufacturers allow for approximately 1% failure rate as acceptable.

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Is there a difference between HDTV and HDTV Integrated in 2007?

HDTV integrated is probably just marketing talk (written on the box) for HDTV. It means the same thing. HDTV is a new format that has higher resolution, higher clarity, and is all digital. TV stati... Read More »

How many pixel are there in 1 megapixel?

How many colors are there in a pixel?

um so look my p3nis is extra large and if ur nae is josh i dont care you have a small one

What is the differnce between lcd tv and led tv related to pixel size,how many pixel have in lcd and led tv?

Both tv uses lcd.Only difference is lcd uses cfl as a back light,while led uses light emmiting diodes as a back light.In my opinion led is best compared to lcd.