How can I change settings on safari to show my windows and tabs from last time ?

Answer well, I use safari but I don't know your answerI'm gonna ask my brother when he gets back and will edit my answer till night :)#Edit: go to history ~> active one of these : report last closed wind... Read More »

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How do I change a Windows safari theme?

Windows Vista and SevenRight-click on your desktop and select "Personalize" from the context menu. The Personalization window opens. Click on one of the themes listed in the Themes box. Windows imm... Read More »

How to Change Windows Search Settings?

All versions of Windows have a search feature included as part of the operating system. This search feature scans the files and folders of the computer, and it can even scan within the contents of ... Read More »

How to Change Screensaver Settings in Windows?

Today a screensaver is a great application to brighten up pc and gadget monitors. Apart screensavers we used to, developers offer 3D screensavers, animated screensavers and even interactive, and al... Read More »

How do I change Windows security settings?

User Account ControlChoose the Windows logo from the task bar, or click "Start." Click "Control Panel." Type "UAC" into the "Search Control Panel" field, and hit "Enter." Click "Change User Account... Read More »