How can I change color of text under desktop icons in Windows Vista?

Answer Right-click a blank area on your monitor. Then choose PERSONALIZE. Next choose WINDOW COLOR AND APPEARANCE. Click the ADVANCED button. Select ICON from the Item list. Then choose a color, eith... Read More »

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How to Change Windows XP Icons to Vista Icons Using Icon Tweaker?

Many Windows Vista users are going back to XP and if you are one of those people going back to Windows XP you might feel strange to be clicking on the old Windows XP icons, and if that's the case t... Read More »

How do I change the size of the desktop icons in Vista?

Right-click a blank portion of the Windows Vista desktop. Move your cursor so you highlight "View" on the small options menu that appears and choose from "Classic," "Large" or "Medium" icons. Large... Read More »

Change or Create Desktop Icons for Windows?

Many people think the icons on their computer desktops are static and permanent. But that's not true. There are a number of ways to change or create new icons. You can pay for programs to customize... Read More »

How do I change Windows Vista icons?

Open PersonalizationClick "Start," then click "Control Panel." Click "Classic View" from the left task pane. Double-click "Personalization." Click "Change desktop icons," located under "Tasks." Sel... Read More »