How can I change a celebrity's photo on Wikipedia on my iPad?

Answer I assume it would be the same procedure whether you're using a computer or iPad.First you would have to upload the image to Wikipedia using the upload form: Read More »

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How to change a celebritys picture on Wikipedia?

Make the photo, upload it on Wikipedia, then edit the page of the celebrity.More information at…

How do you change a photo in Wikipedia?

after you've achieved autoconfirmed status (joined wikipedia, edited at least 10 things and been a member for 4 days) just click on the image you want to change and it should guide you through it t... Read More »

Can you change an IPad with only wi-fi to having wi-fi and 3G without buying a new IPad?

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How can i change simple photo/BMP photo to jpg formate?

1 open "Paint"2 file3 open4 click on bmp file...open5 file6 save asuse the drop down menu and select jpeg and save